A Costly FAAB Mistake

When you’re sitting in front of the computer on A Sunday night trying to figure out if Brent Morel will get more hits over a three-game stretch than Chris Johnson, you know it’s time to call it a year and start your 2012 rankings!

As I said seven days ago, the Mixed League Championship is still Nick Minnix’s to lose.  While Team Zinkie was in first on Sunday morning, Nick has moved back into top spot at the moment and carries a two-point lead over my squad and a three-point lead over Tim Heaney.  

If Nick seals the deal this week he may need to take Tim out for dinner by the weekend!  Tim’s smart strategy and my poor planning resulted in me missing out on a few players I had hoped to add for the final stretch.  

Going into the final full week, Tim didn’t have any FAAB units remaining while I still owned $6.  I mistakenly thought that someone else would want Randall Delgado and Kevin Millwood and I wasted $3 on each of them.  In hindsight I should have bid $1 on both starters while saving $4 for the final FAAB period.  That would have allowed me to block Tim from adding Greg Holland and Manny Acosta last night.  Since we are tied in saves, grabbing those two pitchers would have likely netted me an extra point in the final standings.  Now, Tim owns both temporary closers along with Brandon League and Craig Kimbrel and I’ll need some good fortune to hang with him by using John Axford and Jordan Walden. Walden dealt me a big blow on Sunday when he misfired on his throw to second, costing me a valuable save and adding a couple earned runs to my season total.  

Tim was also able to block my claims on Lorenzo Cain and Robert Andino, two players who I expect to get something done over the final three games.  Needing runs scored and batting average help, I was hopeful to end up with at least one of them.  

So, my Tout Wars hopes are now pinned on the likes of Ruben Tejada, Willie Harris, Brent Morel, Sean Marshall, Henderson Alvarez and Alfredo Aceves.  I added all seven in the final FAAB run but it’s hard to imagine any of them having blazing finishes to the season.  

My dilemma to solve by 7pm today – to start Jayson Werth or Melky Cabrera.  Royals manager Ned Yost has already said that Cabrera will play until he gets his 200th hit (he’s at 199) and then won’t start another game this season.  That presents a catch-22.  If Cabrera plays in two or more games this week then it will mean that he didn’t hit well on Monday.  If he walks up to bat tonight and singles in his first plate appearance, will Mitch Maier be in center field to start the second inning?  Werth situation is the exact opposite.  Washington’s biggest disappointment is going to play but would anyone want to use him?  He owns a sub-.150 lieftime batting average against all three opposing starters this week.  In a tight batting average race, I can’t afford a 2-for-12 week from Werth or anyone else.  Do you see why I said it’s time to put 2011 behind us and look forward to 2012??!!