TOUT AL 7/20 Swat


losing bid

Res R Johnson. Act D Navarro

Res Fields. Act Wise
Rel Chen. $Claim J Westbrook ($1. Next: none. Vickery: $1)

$Claim M Grudzielanek. ($10. Next: Berry $1. Vickery: $2)
Res B Lyon. Claim Yu-Te Ni.
$Claim R Quinlann ($1. Next: $0. Vickery: $1)
Res Balfour. Activate B Colon.
REL: Pedro Martinez. Tony Pena (SS), M Redmond.

Rel M Lowe. $Claim R Ramirez ($5. Next: $0. Vickery: $1)
Rel W Ramirez. $Claim J Hannahan ($6. Next: Sheehan $2, Vickery: $3)
Rel M Joyce. $Claim A Marte ($2. Next: none. Vickery: $1)

Res Accardo. $Claim D Baez ($2. Next: none. Vickery: $1)
Cut Hopper.

Res Buck. $Claim D Dellucci ($1. Next: $0. Vickery: $1)
Res Mijares. $Claim F Carmona ($2. Next: none. Vickery: $1)
Rel Betancourt

Rel Berkan. Act Poreda.
Res Freel. Act DeRosa
Cut Barrett.

DL Meche. Claim D Oliver.


DL Zumaya. Claim Seay.
Res Langerhans. Act Hunter. REL M Ramirez.
Rel Gimenez. Act C Quentin.

TOUT NL 7/20 Swat

1. Trades

No trades this week.

2. Free Agents


– Picks up Augie Ojeda for $1 (Hertz 2); drops Jeremy Reed.
– Picks up Oscar Salazar for $1 (Hertz 5); drops Chan Ho Park.


– Picks up Adam Rosales for $0; drops Juan Castro.
– Picks up Nick Stavinoha for $0; drops Matt Maloney.
– Picks up JD Martin for $1(Kreutzer 1); drops Edward Mujica.
– Picks up Chris Coste for $1 (Kreutzer 2, Wilderman 0); drops Tim Redding.
– Picks up Jon Rauch for $1 (Kreutzer 2); DL’s Scott Olsen.
– Picks up Josh Whitesell for $1 (Kreutzer 24); drops Corey Patterson.


– Picks up Kevin Frandsen for $3 (Leibowitz 3; Hertz 2); drops Tony Clark.
– Picks up Mat Latos for $5 (Walton 2; Leibowitz 7; Hertz 4); drops Brian Bogusevic.


– Picks up Alberto Arias for $1 (Lombardo 1); drops Diory Hernandez.


– Picks up Joe Beimel for $0; DL’s Pedro Martinez.


– Picks up David Ross for $0; drops Mitch Stetter.
– Picks up Greg Norton for $0; drops Nick Evans.
– Picks up Luis Ayala for $1 (Wilderman 2); drops Aaron Heilman.


– Picks up Tyler Clippard for $1 (Zola 1; Hertz 0); DL’s Corey Wade.

NL Leader Talks but Doesn’t Brag

Brian Walton is doing just fine in NL Tout. He’s got a comfortable, if not insurmountable, lead, and he’s playing the game very well.

Although he doesn’t write about his fantasy teams much, at midseason he took a breath and gave a peak at what is going on in his head. Not surprisingly, his rooting interests often conflict.

Perry Van Hook’s Mixed League Analysis–Midseason

TOUT Wars (17 team, Mixed)

By Perry Van Hook

Well I finally got Votto back into the lineup, but losing Beltre at the same time was a double blow – he had started hitting better and it means I have to play Melvin Mora and hope for a turnaround, or play the valuable but still part time Willy Aybar whom I added a few weeks ago because he could be a MI or CI substitute if needed.
Currently the lineup is:
C  – Pierzynski and Y. Molina
CI – Votto, Mora, and Atkins
MI – A. Ramirez, Barmes, and J. Lopez
OF – Ellsbury, N. Cruz, Werth, Juan Rivera, and Dye
UT – Spilborghs (this week with Rockies at home for seven)
Reserve – L. Scott and Willy Aybar

The offense has climbed to 65 points now, fourth in the league, with
BA=.2796 for 15 points; HR=137 for 14 points; RUNS=501 for 10 points; RBI=516 for 10 points; and SB=102 for 16 points

On the pitching side I now have 57.5 points (now sixth) with
ERA=3.93 for 13 points; K=578 for 9 points; S=25 for 7 points; W=48 for 13.5 points; and WHIP=1.28 for 15 points
SP – Carpenter, Hanson, Zimmermann, Washburn, Nieve, Mazzaro, and Blackburn
RP – Broxton and MacDougal
Reserve – Lowe and Saunders (wish I had been that smart a week ago)

While the pitching points have only gone up a point (losing two points in WHIP), I think the stats are better positioned to gain more points in most all categories. Hanson has been worth the wait, and hopefully that will continue in Coors this week.

TOUT differs in many ways from other expert leagues and the recent rule changes have put the emphasis on the individual writer/analyst, and not the site where they are currently working. When there is a vacancy, there is a nomination process, followed by a vetting by a committee and finally a vote. I was glad to have been voted in this year to start with a couple of other newbies in the Mixed League. (If you survive and are “promoted” it is to the AL or NL only leagues). Information about all three of the leagues and the participants as well as articles and comments can be found at the league website (

Here are the TOUT standings after Week 13:
Rank        Team            Points
1)     Jason Pliml, MDC        132.0
2)    Chris Liss, Rotowire        130.0
3)    Perry Van Hook,    122.5
4)    J.P. Kastner, CreativeSports    103.0
5)    Michael Salfino,      98.0
6)    Paul Petera, HQ          92.0
7)    David Gonos, OpenSports      90.5
8)    Eric Karabell, ESPN          90.0
9)    Andy Behrens,      88.0
9)    Alex Patton, pattonandco      88.0
11)     Larry Schechter, Shrink      86.5
12)    Brendan Roberts, ESPN      84.0
13)    Eric Mack, CBS          80.5
14)    Alex Cushing,      74.5
15)    Doug Dennis, HQ          66.5
16)    John Hoyos, rotojunkie      66.0
17)    Will Carroll, BP          38.0

For a complete look at Van Hook’s expert league review, click HERE

Same Strategy, Different Results

Lawr Michaels notices a certain reciprocal nature extending across expert leagues, in the Bed Goes Up, Bed Goes Down column at

Mixed, One Third of the Way

by Perry Van Hook,

As we start Week 9, I just made my first trade in this league, sending Roy Oswalt to Paul Petera for Jermaine Dye. Part of my rationale was that I was doing very well in the pitching categories without Oswalt contributing much and I had Chris Carpenter back from the DL and looking and feeling great, with a very good spot starter in Nick Blackburn. While I could have traded either Derek Lowe or Carpenter for Dye, another part of my rationale was that Oswalt was supposed to be my ace SP on both my NFBC main event and online leagues as well as in the staff league. If in fact Oswalt turns his season around like he did in the second half of last year, he will help those teams immensely and I won’t mind the fact he is doing well here for one of my opponents. OTOH, if the WBC did in fact get him off to a start he can’t recover from or he is traded to the White Sox or some other poor pitching ballpark, or he just keeps scuffling, I will be glad I translated the extra starting pitcher for the power I need from Dye. Especially with Joey Votto now on the DL for at least a couple of weeks.

Currently the lineup is:
C – Pierzynski and Y. Molina
CI – Atkins, Mora, and Beltre
MI – A. Ramirez, Barmes, and J. Lopez
OF – Ellsbury, N. Cruz, Werth, Juan Rivera, and Dye
UT – L. Scott
Reserve – Spilborghs and R. Santiago

For the first eight weeks they have generated 43.0 points (roughly 9th), falling from last month
BA=.2710 for 9 points; HR=68 for 6 points; RUNS=303 for 4 points; RBI=301 for 7 points; and SB=70 for all 17 points

On the pitching side I now have 57.0 points (now fifth) with ERA=3.98 for 13 points; K=359 for 9 points; S=11 for 4.5 points; W=33 for 14.5 points; and WHIP=1.25 for 16 points

SP – Carpenter, Lowe, Lohse, Saunders, Zimmermann, Washburn, Gaudin, and Blackburn
RP – Broxton
Reserve – Medlen and Hanson

Blackburn is reserved when on the road (except this week for a start against the Mariners); the others only when they are pitching in Texas, Colorado, or Yankee Stadium. I have Chad Gaudin now available for starts in San Diego or other friendly matchups. I added Kris Medlen just before he came up (allowed in TOUT but not in most leagues). Perhaps swayed by his fantastic Triple-A numbers and the two start week he was schedule to have in his first week I made a heavy bid – $33 on him. Fortunately it only cost me $15 as the underbid using the Vickerey system was $14. That didn’t work very well in his first two starts, but yesterday he got his first win giving up only one run and striking out nine. I will likely reserve him to start Week 9 with the likelihood that Tom Glavine returns to make a start late in the Week.

Here are the TOUT standings after Week 8:
Rank     Team        Points
1)         Jason Pliml, MDC                   131.0
2)         Michael Salfino,        113.0
3)         J.P. Kastner, CreativeSports   113.0
4)         Chris Liss, Rotowire               110.0
5)         Perry Van Hook,       100.0
6)         David Gonos, OpenSports       98.5
7)         Alex Patton, pattonandco        97.5
8)         John Hoyos, rotojunkie            90.5
9)         Brendan Roberts, ESPN          90.0
10)       Paul Petera, HQ                       90.0
11)       Larry Schechter, Shrink           88.5
12)       Eric Mack, CBS                       80.0
13)       Eric Karabell, ESPN                77.5
14)       Andy Behrens,     76.0
15)       Doug Dennis, HQ                    67.5
16)       Alex Cushing,           62.0
17)       Will Carroll, BP                       45.0