The First Tout Wars Head 2 Head Auction March 18, 2016! Read the Live Blog Archive and Spreadsheet.

Live coverage on SiriusXM from 7pm to midnight!

Live spreadsheet here. List of contestants here.Read the rules here.

Live blog after the jump.

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Tout Wars Head To Head, Origins!

By Rotoman.

Going into this year, for most of Tout Wars’ 18-year history, I played in Tout Wars NL. This was my NL home league, and while each year a face or two might change, there was great continuity and camaraderie. So it felt odd, this past Sunday, to be sitting outside the Fishbowl at SiriusXM in NYC, watching reigning champ Mike Gianella and three-time champ Tristan Cockcroft and tw0-time champ Scott Wilderman and one-time champs Brian Walton and Steve Gardner and half-champ Lenny Melnick (with Irwin Zwilling), setting NL-only benchmark roto prices while putting their teams together. How did this happen?

2016-03-18 19.10.32It happened because this year I chose to play in the brand new Tout Wars Head To Head League. There were a few reasons for this. Let me count the ways (in no particular order).
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THIS is Tout Weekend!

A scene from the Tout NL 2015 auction.
A scene from the Tout NL 2015 auction.

Where will the best and brightest fantasy baseball writers and broadcasters be this weekend?

Many will be in New York City, for the annual Tout Wars weekend of drafts and parties.

This year’s drafts are being held in the studio at SiriusXM and aren’t open for the public, but you can follow along live on the SiriusXM fantasy sports channel, and on the live blog and spreadsheet at

When are the drafts? Where and when are the parties?


Tout H2H: March 18, 7pm. Doors open at 6pm. Ron Shandler is auctioneer. Joe Pisapia has the spreadsheet. Mike Gianella is on chat.

Tout AL: March 19, 9am. Doors open at 8am. Brian Feldman is auctioneer. Paul Sporer is on spreadsheet. Al Melchior is doing chat.

Tout Mix Auction: March 19, 3pm. Doors open at 2pm. Jeff Erickson is auctioneer. Ray Murphy has the spreadsheet. Jason Collette is on chat.

Foley’s NY Party: March 19, 8pm. 18 West 33rd Street. Party with the pros!

Tout NL Auction: March 20, 10am. Doors open at 9am. Brian Feldman is the auctioneer. Steve Moyer is on spreadsheet. Jason Collette will chat.

The live blog for each auction will be available at, where there will also be a link to the live spreadsheet. You can access the live spreadsheet now at Until the weekend comes, nothing is happening.

Here’s the Menu of Champions at Foleys on Saturday night:



The New League: Tout Wars Head To Head Lineup is Announced

Head To Head is the latest fantasy baseball format to get the Tout Wars treatment. The innaugural auction will take place on March 18th, kicking off Tout Wars Weekend in New York City.

The 12-team league welcomes newcomers Jeff Zimmerman, Howard Bender and Jeff Mans playing 5×5 style against returning Tout Wars vets, playing 22 weekly H2H contest and three roto periods (first half, second half, overall) in which 11 games in each are at stake. The first place team in the roto period goes 11-0, the second goes 10-1, 10th place goes 2-9, etc.

Head to Head League scoring and rules are being finalized and will be announced later this week.

The order below represents reserve-round draft order. The numbers in parentheses are the FAAB budgets for each team.

2016 Tout Wars HEAD TO HEAD

Doug Anderson (1000)
Jake Ciely (1000)
Andrea LaMont (1000)
Michael Beller (1000)
Jeff Boggis (1000)
Stephania Bell (1000)
Paul Sporer (1000)
Brent Hershey (1000)
Peter Kreutzer (780) Transfer from Tout NL
Jeff Mans (1000) New to Tout Wars
Howard Bender (1000)  New to Tout Wars
Jeff Zimmerman (1000) New to Tout Wars