This Week’s (May 12) Transactions from!

Big bidders:

NL: Kreutzer: $8, reduced to $5 for Eric Campbell, $8, reduced to $1 for Chase Anderson. Kreutzer wrote about his moves here.

AL: Shandler: $36, reduced to $38 for Roughned Odor.

Mix Auc: Heaney: $17, tied with DiFino for Drew Pomeranz.
Davitt: $19, reduced to $15 for Tyler Lyons.

Mix Draft: Sarris: $11, reduced to $10 for Bryan Shaw.
Ambrosius: $10, essentially tied with Charlie Wiegert’s $9 bid (who also bid $9 on Bryan Shaw), for Juan Francisco. has compiled all the action, with commentaries. Read it here!