Tout Daily Championship Tournament

The first of eight Tout Wars champions will be crowned next week as the three-day Tout Daily Championship Tournament commences on Tuesday evening. Sixteen entries were awarded over the 20-week regular season. The year was divided into five four-week periods with the top-three in each period earning a Golden Ticket. The 16th went to Derek Carty as the points leaders over the entire competition.

The three-day tourney is played in modified survivor form. The top-eight scores from Day 1 advance to Day 2. The points from Day 1 and Day 2 are combined and the top-four totals play in Day 3 with the three-day total leader being crowned Tout Daily champ.

Two Touts have multiple tickets: Carty and Scott Pianowski. If either have multiple lineups advancing to Day 2, they’re required to designate which Day 2 roster is tied to which Day 1 roster.

Here are the combatants:

Andy Behrens
Brian Entrekin
Charlie Wiegert
Dan Strafford
Derek Carty (4 entries)
Howard Bender
Jeff Boggis
Jeff Erickson
Ray Murphy
Ryan Bloomfield
Scott Pianowski (2 entries)
Tristan Cockcroft

Good luck everyone!